Mellor Parish Centre rates

 Letting Rates
The Arkwright Hall:
The Walklate Room:
The Freeman Room:
The Bardsley Room:
Akwright and Walklate together


Hourly rate £18.50
Hourly rate £13.50
Hourly rate £15.50
Hourly rate £13.50
Hourly rate £25.25

Mannmade Productions:

Terms available on application
There is a minimum charge of 1 hour for preperation and clearing up.

Negotiable rates for multiple bookings. Please ask for details.

Kitchen facilities included in hire charge

We can arrange hot or cold buffet lunches, and we can provide tea/coffee during the day (£1 per serving). We can provide break-out rooms during conferences. Please ask for details.

Contact us for information on hourly rates or whole building rates